Mission Statement
The prime objective of Sher-i-Kashmir Police Academy is to prepare the Police Force for Service of society and the Nation. The Police Academy will endeavour.
Our Endeavour
■ To transform Police force into an organization in service of the community especially disadvantaged sections of society.
■ To develop professionalism and excellence on scientific lines.
■ To prepare Trainees to squarely meet the Challenges of militancy & severe Law & Order problems.
■ To nourish human values, right attitude and humane behaviour.
■ To develop the overall personality of a trainee making him physically agile and mentally alert.
■ To inculcate a spirit of nation and community before self.
■ To train in proactive policing with more emphasis on prevention than detection.
■ To ingrain that integrity in fundamental to their functioning.
■ To formulate a strategic vision, and to impart them necessary skills to meet future Challenges.
■ To strive for quality, standardization and constant improvement in techniques and skills of policing.
■ Strive to inculcate temper, respect for human rights, courage and professional skills to uphold rule of law.
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