Joining Instructions
Trainees must report a day prior to the commencement of the course. A vehicle is kept at Omara crossing on NHW from 4 P.M. onwards a day prior to commencement of each course for transporting trainees to the Academy located at a distance of about 2 KMS from NHW.
■ Trainees are required to report fully equipped with uniform items required for the course.
■ Each trainee must carry a movement order clearly indicating the date on which he was relieved for the course.
■ Trainees deputed must be medically fit.
■ Each Lower subordinate trainees & NGO will have to deposit Rs. 2500/- and Prob DySsP Rs. 5000/- as mess advance on arrival at the Academy.
■ Highest standard of discipline is expected from the trainees and unauthorized absence will make them liable for reversion and disciplinary action. A trainee getting less than 95% attendance will not be allowed    to appear in the final test and his period of training will be extended.
■ Trainees for short courses (12 week & below) will not be deputed for court attendance. Unit heads are requested to ensure that summons for court attendance during training of all courses is kept to the     barest minimum.
■ GOs attending the course are requested to carry sports kit and seasonal bedding besides working uniform.
■ Only promising officers/officials likely to be posted in the areas of specialization would normally be nominated for the training.
■ A trainee absenting unauthorized will be discharged from the rolls of Academy if he does not report back within seven days.
■ Trainees reporting late for the course will not be allowed to join.
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